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Mantus Galvanised Anchor

WeightWinds < 30kts (boat length)Winds < 50kts (boat length)Winds > 50kts (boat length)Part No Normal Price Online Price  
3.5 kg5 - 6 metres0 - 5 metres0 - 3.6 metresMANGV8£126.00£122.22
6 kg6 - 7.5 metres5 - 6 metres3.6 - 5 metresMANGV13£190.00£184.30
8kg7.5-9 metres6-7.5 metres5-6 metresMANGV17£216.00£209.52
11.4 kg9 - 10.6 metres7.5 - 9 metres6 - 7.5 metresMANGV25£258.00£250.26
15 kg10.6 - 12 metres9 - 10.6 metres7.5 - 9 metresMANGV35£352.00£341.44
20 kg12 - 13 metres10.6 - 12 metres9 - 10.6 metresMANGV45£440.00£426.80
25 kg13 - 13.5 metres12 - 13 metres10.6 - 12 metresMANGV55£566.00£549.02
30 kg13.5 - 15.2 metres13 - 13.5 metres12 - 13 metresMANGV65£766.00£743.02
39 kg15.2 - 18.2 metres13.5 - 15.2 metres13 - 13.5 metresMANGV85£975.00£945.75
48kg18.2 - 21.2 metres15.2 - 18.2 metres13.5 - 15.2 metresMANGV105£1,185.00£1,149.45
57kg21.2 - 24.2 metres18.2-21.2 metres15.2-18.2 metresMANGV125£1,394.00£1,352.18


Sailing Today (December 2017):

'The Mantus is a roll-bar style concave anchor that has no added elements such as ears or wings – just a very sharp tip to help it penetrate rapidly. Unusually, both the roll-bar and shank can be unbolted for easy stowage. It is available in 14 sizes, weighing from 1-79kg and either in galvanised high-tensile or stainless steel. It is said to be extremely strong and its thick shank is highly resistant to being bent when pulled at an angle. Holding power is also said to be very good after being thoroughly tested in numerous recent magazine trials.'

Jimmy Green Marine are proud to announce that we are now stocking the Mantus Anchor. The Mantus anchor has been designed to produce exceptional holding power and super quick setting times.

The performance of the Mantus means it is a great choice for a bower anchor. It can also be dismantled for easy storage making it a great choice for a kedge anchor. 

The anchor features:
- No cast parts
- Shank is welded to the shank boot from the top and bottom.
- ASTM certified steel bolts are oversized for large safety margin (1 bolt is strong enoughon its' own when 4 are used)
- The carbon steel version is hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. (All shanks are HT ASTM 514 Steel and flukes are mild steel A36 equivalent)
- The sharp headed nose is machined for maximum penetration power.

The Mantus anchor is offered with a lifetime warranty.

When making sizing recommendations for a working anchor Mantus generally refer to the needs of a cruising boat spending most of its time on anchor, in doing so we try to envelope high sustained winds (50 kts) and assume poor holding conditions (low viscosity bottoms).

Mantus Dimensions

mantus dimensions 2

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