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Webbing Jackstays - Made to Measure

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STEP 1 Make your selection from all the drop down menus.
STEP 2 Enter your chosen length. N.B. This is accurate to 1000th of a metre for rigging purposes.
STEP 3 Your price will be displayed. Adding the item to your basket will clear the menus to start again.
N.B. Products will match the build description. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

These are bespoke webbing jackstays made to your individual measurements. If you require a pair, please ensure that you add two to your basket

Webbing Jackstay Guide

High tenacity 25mm polyester webbing is ideal for webbing jackstays.
UK Manufacture, MBL = 2000kg
Available in Blue, Red, Yellow and Black.
This is the same webbing as used on Bluewater and Seago EN1095 Safety Lines.

Jimmy Green Webbing Jackstays are produced 'in house' using the same sewing machines and the same stitch pattern as the EN1095 safety lines so you can rely on their strength and durability.

Measure from bearing edge to bearing edge ie. from the inside of one end of loop or fitting to the inside of the other end.

N.B. Webbing has a degree of stretch even at low load.

N.B. Webbing has a degree of stretch even at low load.
The Production Process:
We sew one end, connect it to a shackle with a measuring tape attached, lay it out taut but not stretched along the floor/trough, measure it to identify the turn in the webbing that will make the bearing edge, sew the second end.
In this way we can produce jackstay lengths to the nearest centimetre i.e. to two decimal points.
However, we can only accept responsibility for the final measurement as follows:
< 5 metres accuracy overall to the nearest 25mm.
> 5 metres accuracy overall to 0.5% e.g. 6m metres = 30mm, 8 metres = 40mm, 10 metres = 50mm

The 25mm webbing will fit comfortably onto the pin of our Extra Wide Stainless Steel Shackles.
We suggest you subtract a proportional allowance from the overall length when using lanyards to secure a jackstay end to the deck fitting e.g. a 20cm - 30cm (8'' - 10") gap

Twisted sewn loop - pass the other end around e.g. a stanchion base and back through the twisted loop. This creates a 'cow hitch' finish that means the loop will sit comfortably on the deck fitting.

The Twisted loop will be 100mm in length unless otherwise requested.
We are happy to advise but we cannot determine the extra length required to allow for the size of your deck fitting.
We will produce the finished length to your specification.

Our Lanyards are 2 metres x 5mm 3-strand pre-stretched polyester spliced onto a 60mm sewn loop. They are available in Blue, Red or White The centre section will indicate your choice of colour. All the left and right end photos will appear in blue. Don't worry, the order will be as per the description.

We also offer stonger webbing for those that feel they need it.

We have supplied these to 'Round the World' Yachts.

Loom state white webbing = 3000kg BS
Black water repellent webbing with a dark grey tracer yarn both sides = 3750kg BS
Yellow webbing with a black tracer yarn = 4000kg BS
N.B. the black tracer yarn is only on one side.The webbing can be laid on the deck with the black tracer face down if you find it unsightly

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01297 20744 or email sales@jimmygreen.co.uk

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