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LIROS 24mm Anchorplait/Octoplait Y Bridle

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LIROS 24mm Anchorplait/Octoplait Y Bridle

Build the Y shape bridle in two components and add each one to your cart as you go:

1. Build the first component with your choice of thimble eye splice on the left end, the full length of the bridle in the centre section and the finish of your choice to attach to your cleats on the right end.

2. Build the adjoining component with the Y joining splice on the left end, the length you require for the second tail in the centre section and a matching finish to attach to your cleats on the right end

e.g. for a Y bridle comprising a 2 metre single part with two 1 metre tails you will need to select a 3 metre length for the first component and a 1 metre length for the second component

Liros Anchorplait is an excellent choice for Mooring and Anchor Bridles.

Liros 24mm Anchorplait is suitable for vessels up to approximately 18 metres in length (guide only, individual yacht requirements may vary).

Anchorplait White Nylon is manufactured EXCLUSIVELY by Liros Ropes for Jimmy Green Marine with the Jimmy Green Easy Splice marker yarns.
The 8 strand construction [2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand] gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.

Anchorplait is the rope that won't cockle.
In fact it flakes like chain making it the ideal choice for use as an Anchor warp.

Liros Anchorplait is available in navy and black polyester (without any marker yarns), in the same 8 strand construction = Octoplait

Liros Anchorplait Nylon Breaking strain 20mm = 11800kg
Liros Octoplait Polyester Breaking Strain 20mm = 11600kg 


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