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50mm Ratchet Strap with Hooks

ItemColourLength Normal Price Online Price  
50mm Ratchet with hooksBlue7 m£18.00£18.00
50mm Ratchet with hooksBlack7 m£18.00£18.00


Jimmy Green ratchet straps with hooks are comprised of 2 parts:

0.5 metres webbing with hook stitched on one end and ratchet stitched to the other end
Separate long length of webbing with hook stitched to one end

The length refers to the overall reach capacity of the webbing ratchet

Hook each part onto the item to be secured and pass the free end of the webbing through the ratchet and tighten

This arrangement makes the strap length fully adjustable

For securing boats and equipment on road trailers

Be careful not to over tighten the ratchet as it is so strong that it can crush the load

Break Loads:
50mm ratchet = 2000kg 
50mm Hook = 2000kg
50mm polyester webbing = 2000kg

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