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Courtesy Flags - South Atlantic

Flag Normal Price Online Price  
Ascension Island£20.00£15.00
Saint Helena£20.00£15.00
South Africa£14.00£10.50


All Jimmy Green Courtesy Flags are a nominal 45cm x 30cm (Half Yard size) with the patterns and motifs printed on top quality polyester bunting (not the shiny cheaper fabric).

We have tried to make each product list logical rather than strictly geographical.
If you cannot find the country you are searching for then please try the full alphabetical list @


All our flags are manufactured with a braided line sewn into the hoist creating a loop at the top and a tail at the bottom as per the photos

We also sell top quality wooden toggles which can be fitted to the loop if required: 


In recent years yacht owners have been a little more adventurous in their approach to courtesy flag etiquette especially in relation to individual countries, Crown Dependencies and other islands within the United Kingdom including regional and even county flags.
If you are flying the local flag in the right spirit i.e. as a matter of courtesy then you are unlikely to cause offence.
Some locals may be particular whether it is the correct maritime ensign or the land flag but in general it is the effort made to be courteous which is important.

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