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Canvas Bucket

ItemColourAvailability Normal Price Online Price  
Canvas BucketBluein stock£15.00£12.00
Canvas Bucket Naturalin stock£15.00£12.00
Bucket LanyardNavyin stock£6.00£4.80
Bucket LanyardClassicin stock£6.00£4.80
Bucket LanyardWhitein stock£6.00£4.80


Jimmy Green Canvas Bucket
Manufactured in house by the Jimmy Green Sewing Team
Robust, collapsible design, ideal for storing onboard
available in blue or natural colour fabric
10 litre (2 gallon) capacity
Produced from synthetic polycotton acrylic which won't rot like traditional canvas

Canvas buckets are traditionally used to carry water, but there are many alternative uses, both on board and onshore
e.g. to hold or carry tools, provisions, towel and swimwear, or even as an ice bucket for your wine & beer !

Optional Spliced Bucket Lanyard:

Jimmy Green Bucket Lanyard
2 metres finished length 8mm top quality 3 strand LIROS polyester with a long fender loop splice at each end
Bucket Loop Splices are formed the same way as our Fender Lanyards - the inside measurement of the loop is 200mm when pulled out straight

Pass one end around the handle of the bucket, then pass the other end through the spliced loop and pull tight
The bucket loop sits neatly around the handle
The lanyard splice at the other end facilitates a secure grip

Available in Classic, White or Navy

Spliced in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Bucket lanyards can also be used for many alternative uses, both on board and onshore


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