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Rope Seal Toolbox Hot Knife

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Gauze housing and tip connector11202£4.50£4.05


The RopeSeal Toolbox Hotknife is a butane powered portable hotknife. 

- Cuts and seals
- Piezon ignition
- Fully adjustable
- Lighterfluid refill
- Other tip options 

Please note: Butane not included

Before use, please ensure the hotknife is filled correctly (Horizontally rather than vertically). Allow the gas to settle for a few minutes.

Take care to make sure the filling valve on the base isn’t open. Before using the knife, allow the blade to fully heat up before attempting to cut or seal any rope. A cold blade will put unnecessary pressure on the nib.

The metal guaze filter gets clogged with carbon after a lot of use, it takes to pieces and can be cleaned with an old toothbrush or replaced.

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