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Octoplait Nylon Bridles

Size (No guide available yet)LengthDiameter Normal Price Online Price  
--- Size 1 - up to 8m hull --- 2m tails--- 12mm£66.50£46.55
Size 2 - up to 10 metre hull 2m tails14mm£74.10£51.87
Size 2 - up to 10m hull 3m tails14mm£84.90£59.43
--- Size 3 - up to 12m hull--- 3m tails--- 16mm£94.00£65.80
--- Size 3 - up to 12m hull--- 4m tails--- 16mm£107.50£75.25
Size 4 - up to 14m hull4m tails18mm£140.10£98.07
Size 4 - up to 14m hull5m tails18mm£157.50£110.25
--- Size 5 - up to 16m hull--- 5m tails--- 20mm£175.50£122.85
--- Size 5 - up to 16m hull--- 6m tails--- 20mm£196.30£137.41
Size 6 - up to 18m hull6m tails24mm£258.00£180.60
Size 6 - up to 18m hull8m tails24mm£314.00£219.80


Liros Octoplait bridles are an ideal way to attach towing lines whether you're towing another vessel, para anchor or a drogue. Each bridle is made up from a single rope with a soft loop splice in each end and a s/s eye splice in the centre.

Bridles Help spread the load by allowing the strain to be taken by two attachment points. By transferring the load to the leeward side of the vessel as it attempts to broach or yaw, the bridle dampens the effects of both actions. The length relates to the distance between the end loop bearing edge and the centre eye splice. When purchasing for a Para Anchor step up one size from the recommended below.

Drogue bridle size guide:
Size 1 - up to 8mtr hull
Size 2 - up to 10mtr hull
Size 3 - up to 12mtr hull
Size 4 - up to 14mtr hull
Size 5 - up to 16mtr hull
Size 6 - up to 18mtr hull

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