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Odeo Flare

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Odeo Flare LED Mark 3Included£125.00£112.50


The Odeo Flare ™ LED Mark 3 is the new alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic hand held distress flare. It is similar in size to traditional flares, but uses LEDs instead of explosives

The Odeo Flare™ 'burns' fully illuminated for over 5 hours while traditional flares last for a matter of minutes

 The Odeo Flare ™ LED Mark 3 is totally safe when switched off.

The Odeo Flare ™ LED Mark 3 can be sent by Royal Mail without risk because it uses battery power ( high power lithium iroin-disulphide cells) and so it can also be taken onboard aeroplanes without any difficulty.

The Odeo Flare™ LED Mark 3 was originally designed for marine use but the light weight of the unit and safe performance makes it incredibly useful for any outdoor activity

The Odeo Flare™ LED Mark 3 is a genuine alternative to traditional pyrotechnics.
SOLAS type approval is being sought to make it a legal alternative for coded and commercial vessels 

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  • Safe LED Technology, No pyrotechnics or flames
  • Visible from all directions simultaneously
  • Projects over the full hemisphere
  • Multiple LEDs mean more power and visibility
  • Over 5 hours continuous use with one set of batteries
  • Indefinite shelf life subject to battery change
  • 14 year shelf life with the batteries supplied
  • Safe for Search and Rescue Aircraft 
  • 1 Odeo Flare is roughly equivalent to 600 hand held flares
  • Safe to carry in your Grab Bag or Back Pack
  • Manufactured from salt water resistant materials
  • The electronic circuitry is designed for optimum visibility

Length 265mm
Width 50mm
Weight 330 gm 

  • Full upper hemisphere coverage plus 20 degrees below horizontal
  • Buoyant, yes it floats
  • Powered by 3 x L91 lithium iron-disulphide cells
  • Over 5 hours endurance at full illumination, therefter at reduced power
  • Light source from 21 independently driven diodes
  • Pulse Duration is a programmed flicker with a break to transmit SOS signal


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