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Galvanised Rocna Anchor

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Galvanised Rocna4kg£163.00£151.59
Galvanised Rocna6kg£218.00£202.74
Galvanised Rocna10kg£300.00£279.00
Galvanised Rocna15kg £394.00£366.42
Galvanised Rocna 20kg £499.00£464.07
Galvanised Rocna25kg£641.00£596.13
Galvanised Rocna33kg£848.00£788.64
Galvanised Rocna40kg£1,261.00£1,172.73
Galvanised Rocna55kg£1,839.00£1,710.27
Galvanised Rocna70kg£2,564.00£2,384.52
Galvanised Rocna110kg£4,455.00£4,143.15


PBO Joint Best Buy (August 2011).

'Rocna anchors are raising the bar of boat-owners' expectations on anchor performance'

Sailing Today (December 2017):

'Launched in 2004, the Rocna has earned a solid reputation as a top-ranking performer. Having the roll bar similar to the Bugel and Manson, the Rocna also has a concave ‘spoonstyle’ fl uke like the Spade. Clever geometry (rather than lead ballast as with the Spade) ensures its sharp tip penetrates the seabed almost immediately it touches and the large surface area of its fl uke provides optimum holding power once properly set The Rocna has been awarded top-performer in magazine tests worldwide, with holding powers of 2T (4,500 lb) or more recorded in many of them.'

Recent independent tests by publications such as Cruising World, Practical Sailor, and SAIL show that new-generation type anchors consistently outperform more traditional designs.

Through careful design, the Rocna does not waste energy with extra lead or cast iron weights, meaning weight is more efficiently used in structural strength and extra blade area (holding power). On a comparable weight for weight basis, this means greater security for cruisers, or a lighter anchor for weight sensitive craft.

The ground tackle including the anchor are one one of the main priorities on any yacht.
A Rocna means more enjoyable and safer boating, a less anxious crew, and a good night's sleep.
'Your Rocna is the bottom line.'

Rocna features:
Self Launch Shank
Concave Fluke
Roll Bar
Chisel Tip 

The roll-bar ensures that your Rocna turns to the optimum angle for pulling in to the seabed.
The sharpness and the weight (a third of the anchor weight) of the chisel fluke tip, guided by the Setting Skids, facilitates penetration.
A Rocna will reliably set itself every time

The Rocna Anchor has a concave fluke which gives the greatest possible resistance.
The Rocna design delivers maximum fluke area for maximum holding power.
The accent on concave fluke area provides the holding power in very soft seabeds.
The Rocna chisel tip ensures that it cuts through hard or weedy sea floors and bites deep for a safe set.

The Rocna is a true multi-purpose anchor that sets and holds in most seabeds, from soft mud to hard sand, clay, grass, and kelp.

A Rocna remains stable and buried i.e. it doesn't roll out when the load veers or reverses or if it is dragged beyond yield.

The welds and overall finish compares very favourably with any competitor.
Rocna believe a top performing product should be built like one.
Rocna spend a lot of time and resources on production and quality control procedures to ensure that this is the case.

Rocna anchors are designed and built for strength and durability.

The Rocna shank is designed so that the anchor self-launches and self-stows on the majority of stemhead bow rollers with the greatest possible reliability.

Every Rocna anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against breakage, bending and manufacturing defects. 


To choose the correctly sized Rocna or Vulcan anchor, find your vessel’s length from column on the left, then track across that row until you find the first column with a displacement (in tonnes) the same or larger than the displacement of your vessel. The top of the column with the selected displacement indicates the recommended Rocna or Vulcan anchor.

For multi-hulls: use the chart as instructed, then select the model one size larger. 

vulcan and rocna anchor size guidevulcan and rocna size guide continued

Dimensions of the Anchor

Download a pattern

Rocna galvanised anchor - order your Rocna Anchor today at Jimmy Green.Detailed diagram showing a Rocna Anchor.Diagram showing Rocna Anchor weight

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