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Marlow Excel Fusion 6mm and 7mm Clearance

ColourLengthDiameter (mm)Availability Normal Price Online Price  
Black4m7mmx 1£21.20£12.72
Black14m7mmx 1£74.20£44.52
Blue12m7mmx 1 £63.60£38.16
Blue14mm7mmx 1£74.20£44.52
Blue16m7mmx 1 £84.80£50.88
Red16m7mmx 1 £84.80£50.88
Blue4m6mmx 1£32.80£19.68
Red14m6mm1 only£57.40£34.44


6mm and 7mm Marlow Excel Fusion is Manufactured using a unique dyeema SK75 and polypropylene blended cover over a prestretched dyneema SK75 core. Fusion is lighter and has less stretch than any other lighteight sheet on the market. It also gains no weight when wet, due to its construction. It can be tapered to further reduce weight on spinnakers and asymmetric sheets. 

6mm: breaking strain - 1088kg, Weight per 100m - 1.94kg

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