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Certified Galvanised Bow Shackles - Green Pin

ItemPin Dia (B)Bar Dia (A)Jaw width (C)Internal (D)Chain Normal Price Online Price  
5mm Bow6mm5mm9.5mm22mm6mm£6.00£6.00
7mm Bow8mm7mm12mm29mm7mm£8.00£8.00
9mm Bow10mm9mm13.5mm32mm8mm£9.00£9.00
10mm Bow11mm10mm17mm36.5mm10mm£10.00£10.00
11mm Bow13mm11mm19mm43mm10/12mm£12.00£12.00
13mm Bow16mm13mm22mm51mm13/14mm£14.00£14.00
16mm Bow19mm16mm27mm64mmGround£17.00£17.00
19mm Bow22mm19mm31mm76mmGround£20.00£20.00
22mm Bow25mm22mm36mm83mmGround£25.00£25.00
25mm Bow28mm25mm43mm95mmGround£35.00£35.00


Green pin certified shackles are much stronger than standard galvanised shackles due to a narrower jaw width and thicker pin diameter. Each shackle is supplied with a certificate of conformity. Unlike standard galvanised shackles, use the same size as the chain (because the pin is one size larger):

  5mm = Proof Load 0.6 ton - WLL 0.33 ton - for 6mm chain
  7mm = Proof load 1 ton - WLL 0.5 ton - for 7mm chain. 
  9mm = Proof load 1.5 ton - WLL 0.75 ton - for 8mm chain.
10mm = Proof load 2 ton - WLL 1 ton - for 10mm chain
11mm = Proof load 3 ton - WLL 1.5 ton - for 10/12mm chain
13mm = Proof load 4 ton - WLL 2 ton - for 13/14mm chain
16mm = Proof load 6.5 ton - WLL 3.25 ton - for ground chain
19mm = Proof load 9.5 ton - WLL 4.75 ton - for ground chain  
22mm = Proof load 13 ton - WLL 6.5 ton - for ground chain  
mm = Proof load 17 ton - WLL 8.5 ton - for ground chain  

Material : bow and pin high tensile steel, Grade 6, quenched and tempered

Safety Factor: Manufacturer Break Load = 6 x Working Load Limit

Standard : EN 13889 and meets performance requirements of US Fed. Spec. RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 2, Grade A

Finish : hot dipped galvanised

Temperature Range : -20°C up to +200°C

Certificates : a works certificate is supplied as standard, a certificate of basic raw material, manufacturer test certificate and/or EC declaration of conformity is also available on request

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