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100m Reel Deal LIROS Herkules Vision Polyester

Length (metres)Diameter (mm)Colour Coding Normal Price Online Price  
100m8mmRed Grey£230.00£128.80
100m8mmBlue Grey£230.00£128.80
100m8mmBlack Grey£230.00£128.80
100m8mmYellow Grey£230.00£128.80
100m10mmRed Grey£340.00£190.40
100m10mmBlue Grey£340.00£190.40
100m10mmBlack Grey£340.00£190.40
100m10mmYellow Grey£340.00£190.40
100m12mmRed Grey£545.00£305.20
100m12mmBlue Grey£545.00£305.20
100m12mmBlack Grey£545.00£305.20
100m12mmYellow Grey£545.00£305.20


Liros Herkules Vision is a relatively new product to the market.
Liros Herkules Color has been manufactured for many years but the new look Vision has a distinctive appearance which sets it apart from other sheets, halyards and control lines.

Herkules Breaking Strain: 8mm-1600kg, 10mm-2500kg, 12mm-3500kg
Stretch Characteristics < 5%
Close weave, abrasion resistant 1:1 spin dyed polyester cover
High tenacity braided polyester core provides a solid construction which prevents flattening under load on sheaves and around winches.

Please note that 50m reel Deals are often supplied as a loose length of rope in a sack rather than on a reel. If you specifically require it on a reel then please send us an email requesting this. Many thanks.

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