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Marlow Excel Pro 4mm Clearance

ColourLength (metres)Diameter (mm)Availability Normal Price Online Price  
Black13m4mm1 only£13.65£9.55
Black16m4mm1 only£16.80£11.76
Black24m4mm1 only£25.20£17.64
Blue14m4mm1 only£14.70£10.29
Blue17m4mm1 only£17.85£12.49
Blue18m4mm1 only£18.90£13.23
Blue24m4mm1 only£25.20£17.64
Grey14m4mm1 only£14.70£10.29
Grey24m4mm2 only£25.20£17.64
Red15.5m4mm1 only£16.28£11.40
Red16m4mm2 only£16.80£11.76
Red18m4mm1 only£18.90£13.23
Red20m4mm1 only£21.00£14.70
White12m4mm1 only£12.06£8.44
White14m4mm1 only£14.70£10.29
White16m4mm2 only£16.80£11.76
Yellow18m4mm1 only£18.90£13.23
Red15.5m4mm1 only£16.28£11.40


Marlow Excel Pro features a low stretch twisted polyester core and durable 16plait cover which protects against wear. It does not have the same low stretch performance as Excel racing but offers a more responsive feel under load. It is a good alternative for dinghy sailors who want good performance at a better price point than Excel racing. 

Applications: Spinnaker/Asymmetric Sheets, Main Halyard, Jib Halyard, Main Sheet, Jib Sheets, Spinnaker Pole Up/Downhaul, Bowsprit Control Lines, Vang/Kicker, Downhauls, Outhauls, Control Lines, Backstay/Runners

Marlow Excel Pro features a low stretch polyester core and durable cover which protects against wear. The tough smooth profile holds fast but still has great flexibility for smooth running. 4mm Breaking Strain: 377kg

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