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Marlow Excel Marstron Plus Clearance

ColourDiameter (mm)Length (metres)Availability Normal Price Online Price  
Green6mm12m1 only£18.60£13.02
Green6mm14m1 only£21.70£15.19
Purple6mm10m2 only£15.50£10.85
Purple6mm12m1 only£18.60£13.02
Purple6mm14m1 only£21.70£15.19
Red6mm10m1 only£15.50£10.85
Red6mm12m2 only£18.60£13.02
Red6mm14m1 only£21.70£15.19
Grey7mm10m1 only£24.50£17.15
Purple7mm10m2 only£24.50£17.15
Purple7mm12m2 only£29.40£20.58
Purple7mm14m2 only£34.30£24.01
Red7mm10m1 only£24.50£17.15
Red7mm12m2 only£29.40£20.58
Red7mm14m1 only£34.30£24.01
Yellow7mm12m1 only£29.40£20.58
Yellow7mm14m1 only£34.30£24.01
Green8mm8m1 only£24.00£16.80
Purple8mm12m2 only£36.00£25.20
Red8mm10m1 only£30.00£21.00
Red8mm14m2 only£42.00£29.40


Marlow Excel Marstron Plus is manufactured using a unique dyeema SK78 and polypropylene blended cover  providing improved durability through ratchet blocks and cleats.
 Polypropylene floats and does not absorb water keeping the sheet light to handle
Overall, this is a cost effective sheet for the cruising dinghy sailor or for training boats.

6mm: Breaking load 610kg, weight per 100m 1.87kg
7mm Breaking load 1026kg, weight per 100m 2.12kg
8mm: Breaking load 941kg, weight per 100m 2.93kg

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