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Galvanised Vulcan Anchor

ItemPart No Normal Price Online Price  
Vulcan 4kgV4£200.00£186.00
Vulcan 6kgV6£288.00£267.84
Vulcan 9kgV9£350.00£325.50
Vulcan 12kgV12£413.00£384.09
Vulcan 15kgV15£475.00£441.75
Vulcan 20kgV20£600.00£558.00
Vulcan 25kgV25£813.00£756.09
Vulcan 33kgV33£1,163.00£1,081.59
Vulcan 40kgV40£1,650.00£1,534.50
Vulcan 55kgV55£2,413.00£2,244.09


Sailing Today (December 2017):

'A recent new design from the Rocna’s originator, Peter Smith. Although the Vulcan loses the roll bar, which was causing a lot of folk problems with stowage in the bow roller, it still shares many of the Rocna’s best features, including a convex, wide area fluke for high holding power, a sharp tip for rapid penetration and a high-tensile steel shank offering maximum sheer resistance when pulled sideways. The Vulcan is said to have similar holding capacity to the same weight Rocna and comes with the same lifetime guarantee.'

From the designer of the original Rocna Anchor Peter Smith, the Vulcan promises improved bow stowage dimensions whilst retaining all the holding power of the original.

The Original Rocna set the bar for modern anchor holding power, The Vulcan fine tunes all the best design elements to produce a superior anchor. The bow roller sympathetic design gives the Vulcan a universal appeal.

The new features shown in the diagram to the left are explained in more detail below. 

- The Vulcan features a unique combination of shank and fluke geometry which includes an innovative roll-palm™ (A) at the rear of the fluke. The roll palm and V-bulb™ (B) contribute to improved self-righting capabilities. The V-bulb also extends fluke ballast downward to gain maximum leverage and efficiency.

- The concave fluke (C) is similar in design to the Rocna, directly equating to more holding power and security.

- The omission of a roll-bar along with a carefully designed shank profile (D) ensures a snug fit on the bows of a widely expanded range of vessels. Platforms, bowsprits, prods, stays, and other protrusions are easily cleared with no hassle or inconvenience.

- The Vulcan’s shank shape (D) encourages self-launching and self-stowing upon retrieval on the majority of bow rollers, with a liquid smooth action, ensuring ease of use for all operators.

- In addition to the use of high tensile steel, shank strength is optimized by a unique I+V profile™ shank design (E), granting improved resistance to bending courtesy of a computer optimized I-beam geometry. This visually elegant innovation also improves setting performance, with the lower V edge (F) cutting into the seabed and minimizing resistance to a deep and secure burial.

Like the Rocna, each Vulcan anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against both breakage and bending in addition to manufacturing defects.



'Just a quick email to say a big thank you to all at Jimmy Green for the help with the above order.  Not only did the anchor and bits arrive quickly and safely but the way they were packaged up made it extremely easy to fit it all into the boot of our Kia Cee'd for transportation to Croatia, along with a holdall and 2 cases of parts and accessories.

The anchor is safely stowed on the bow roller on our Bavaria 40 Cruiser (BMW/Farr) and it fits perfectly...  The 60m of chain and 45m of 16mm anchorplait fit in the anchor locker with a little space to spare.  We have used the anchor in anger a few times now and are extremely impressed with its setting performance (less than an anchor length) and its ability to dig in (much better than our old Delta).  I'm very happy and glad we upgraded and will happily advise others to come to Jimmy Green for their anchors in future.'



To choose the correctly sized Rocna or Vulcan anchor, find your vessel’s length from column on the left, then track across that row until you find the first column with a displacement (in tonnes) the same or larger than the displacement of your vessel. The top of the column with the selected displacement indicates the recommended Rocna or Vulcan anchor.

For multi-hulls: use the chart as instructed, then select the model one size larger. 

vulcan and rocna anchor size guidevulcan and rocna size guide continued

Dimensions of the Anchor


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