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Maggi oversized link for calibrated chain

ItemChain Size Part number Normal Price Online Price  
Oversized link 8mmgrigr12080£120.00£84.00
Oversized link10mmgrigr12100£150.00£105.00


The Maggi oversized link is hot dipped galvanised with a titanium pin to make it compatible with Aqua 7 Grade 70 chain.

Any anchor, chain and warp combination is only as strong as it's weakest link. Maggi Aqua 4 chain requires a certified narrow jaw shackle for breaking strain compatibility. If you upgrade to Aqua 7, there is little point in fitting a standard shackle or anchor connector.

The Maggi oversized link is as strong as the Aqua 7 chain making it essential for preserving the minimum breaking strain of your anchoring system. The oversized link features a snug fit on the end link with a titanium pin that has to be punched in to fit.

The extra internal link width and length provides the opportunity to increase the size of the connecting shackle. Occasionally, the link will fit directly onto the anchor but it is more common to use an additional shackle.

Approximate Outside Dimensions:
Length 65mm x Width 55mm
Approximate Inside Dimensions
Length 25mm x Width 25mm

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