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You are here: Yacht Ropes & Rigging > Classic Ropes > Liros Classic Dockline Polyester > 50 metre Hank Deal LIROS CLASSIC Dockline Polyester

50 metre Hank Deal LIROS CLASSIC Dockline Polyester

Length (metres)Diameter (mm)Colour Normal Price Online Price  
50m12mmLIROS CLASSIC£235.00£152.75
50m14mmLIROS CLASSIC£295.00£191.75
50m16mmLIROS CLASSIC£375.00£243.75
50m18mmLIROS CLASSIC£460.00£299.00
50m20mmLIROS CLASSIC£545.00£354.25


Please note LIROS CLASSIC Braided Dockline is a stock item for12mm, 14mm and 16mm.
Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for manufacture and delivery of 18mm and 20mm

Big discounts on 50 metre hankss of LIROS Top Quality Braided Dockline Polyester.
LIROS Braided Dockline Polyester is an excellent choice for mooring warps.
LIROS Braided Docklines are constructed from 100% Polyester making them extremely tensile under strain and therefore highly resistant to abrasion.
The special braided twine construction also assures high elasticity and flexibility throughout its life.
These are the mooring warps which are most forgiving to handle.
It has stretch characteristics of >15% at the breaking point.

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