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Barton Size 2 Plain Bearing Blocks - 8mm

DescriptionPart numberLengthWeight Normal Price Online Price  
Single fixed eyeB0211079mm50g£9.10£8.19
Single-fixed eye - becket B0211188mm56g£11.20£10.08
Single swivelB0213097mm64g£12.90£11.61
Single swivel - becketB02131105mm70g£15.70£14.13
Single fixed eye clevis pinB0209087mm56g£9.60£8.64
Single fixed eye clevis pin - becket B0209197mm63g£11.70£10.53
Single snap shackle - becketB02141115mm101g£45.30£40.77
Cheek block B0216080mm73g£13.50£12.15
Curved backing plate for cheek blockB0216180mm15g£4.20£3.78
Single Stanchion lead block B02190110mm78g£17.80£16.02
Double Stanchion lead block B02290108mm108g£24.20£21.78
Double fixed eye B0221079mm80g£13.80£12.42
Double fixed eye - becket B0221187mm86g£15.50£13.95
Double swivelB0223098mm96g£19.40£17.46
Fiddle Fixed eyeB02410128mm98g£14.30£12.87
Fiddle reverse shackleB02420140mm109g£16.50£14.85
Fiddle swivel eyeB02430147mm113g£19.60£17.64
Fiddle snap shackle B02440155mm142g£42.60£38.34
Triple reverse shackle B0232091mm121g£22.20£19.98
Triple reverse shackle - becket B02321100mm127g£23.70£21.33
Single - swivel - becket - cam B02531119mm127g£43.70£39.33
Fiddle - swivel - becket - cam B02631155mm165g£46.20£41.58
Fiddle - swivel - becket - plastic cam B02731157mm167g£38.80£34.92
Fiddle - snapshackle - becket - cam B02641165mm196g£69.90£62.91


Barton Size 2 Plain Bearing Blocks are a strong, lightweight range of blocks for use on dinghies and dayboats or as lead blocks on larger craft. A comprehensive range of multiple sheave options, together with fiddles and cam cleat blocks, allows powerful, lightweight tackles to be achieved. Barton plain bearing blocks have a precision moulded acetal sheave running on a large diameter brass bearing, ensuring free running under the highest of loads.

Sheave size Single 35mm x 11mm, Fiddle 30/45mm x 11mm 
Max rope diameter 8mm
SWL 370Kg (815 lbs)
Break load 740Kg (1630 lbs)

Where break and safe working loads are stated, it is assumed that all sheaves are evenly loaded as in a purchase tackle. Uneven loading, or loading of one sheave in a double or triple block, will severely affect strength quoted. If unsure, please seek further assistance.

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