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SpeedSix Lubricant

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SpeedSix, high performance natural lanolin dry spray lubricant reduces friction on all surfaces for dinghies and yachts.

SpeedSix is hard working and long lasting.

SpeedSix utilises natural environmentally friendly ingredients

SpeedSix:125ml aerosol spray can.

SpeedSix bonds to all surfaces

Allow between 4 hours and 24 hours from application for the bonding process to fully complete.
Bonding time is dependent on surface material and weather conditions, ideally dry and warm (avove 10 degrees centigrade)

SpeedSix is extemely hydrophobic and resistant to the acids and salts found in salt water delivering lubrication and protection in marine environment.

SpeedSix is a very thin lubricant which penetrates and wicks it's way in to the ball race of all blocks, pulleys and sheaves.

SpeedSix is powered by Prolan derived from Lanolin, a natural product (wool wax) from sheep and most importantly certified safe to be used within the food chain. 
100% environmentally friendly
Non carcinogenic


Tracks, cars and sheeves - spray on to a soft cloth, polish the entire track for an even veneer of SpeedSix

Blocks and Rollers - spray directly on to the bearing surfaces and ball races. Polish the outer surfaces to remove any excess lubricant. Allow to fully dry and polish again if required

Carbon fibre, metal and composite surfaces - Either spray direct or on to a clean dry cloth and work SpeedSix in to the surface. Allow to dry and polish with a clean dry cloth to a shine.


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