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Heavy Duty Velcro on Webbing Sail Ties

ItemLengthColour Normal Price Online Price  
Velcro sail tie1.2mOrange£3.00£2.25
Velcro sail tie1.5mOrange£4.00£3.00
Velcro sail tie1.8mOrange£5.00£3.75
Velcro sail tie2.1mOrange£6.00£4.50
Velcro sail tie1.2mYellow£3.00£2.25
Velcro sail tie1.5mYellow£4.00£3.00
Velcro sail tie1.8mYellow£5.00£3.75
Velcro sail tie2.1mYellow£6.00£4.50
Velcro sail tie1.2mNavy£3.00£2.25
Velcro sail tie1.5mNavy£4.00£3.00
Velcro sail tie1.8mNavy£5.00£3.75
Velcro sail tie2.1mNavy£6.00£4.50


Heavy duty velcro on webbing sail ties are made with high tenacity 45mm polyester webbing. The ties are fastened using a length of hook and loop velcro:
 i.e. a length of hook sewn to one end and a similar length of loop sewn to the other.
This set-up offers flexibility, security and a useful range of adjustability.
1.2m has 30cm hook and loop velcro
1.5m has 40cm
1.8m has 50cm
2.1m has 60cm
Each colour is available in 4 different lengths. Usually you will require different lengths to cope with the variation of sail cloth volume from the tack to the clew. Buying different colours will help to quickly identify the one you want in a hurry.

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