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You are here: Dinghy Ropes & Rigging > 100m Reel Deal > LIROS DC Dyneema Pro SK99 Kite Line - 100m Reel Deal

LIROS DC Dyneema Pro SK99 Kite Line - 100m Reel Deal

Approximate DiameterColourBreaking LoadReel LengthAvailability Normal Price Online Price  
1.6mmBlue260daN100 metresavailable to order£114.00£91.20
1.6mmGreen260daN100 metresavailable to order£114.00£91.20
1.6mmGrey260daN100 metresavailable to order£114.00£91.20
1.6mmRed260daN100 metresavailable to order£114.00£91.20
1.6mmWhite260daN100 metresavailable to order£114.00£91.20
1.6mmYellow260daN100 metresavailable to order£114.00£91.20
1.8mmBlue440daN100 metresavailable to order£126.00£100.80
1.8mmGreen440daN100 metresavailable to order£126.00£100.80
1.8mmGrey440daN100 metresavailable to order£126.00£100.80
1.8mmRed440daN100 metresavailable to order£126.00£100.80
1.8mmWhite440daN100 metresavailable to order£126.00£100.80
1.8mmYellow440daN100 metresavailable to order£126.00£100.80


LIROS DC Dyneema SK99 Pro Kite Line
DC201: approx. 1,6 mm ø, breaking strength 260 daN
DC301: approx. 1,8 mm ø, breaking strength 440 daN
- easy to splice
- outstanding, precise control of kite
- controlled manoeuvres
- lines are very consistant in length even after high loading
- 100 metre reels in loads of different colurs

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