cromox stainless steel chain

ctainless steel chain


Jimmy Green Marine are proud to announce that we can now supply cromox grade 60 anchor chains. cromox products are manufactured in the Ketten Walder factory based near Munich in Germany. The factory has been producing the highest quality marine grade 60 chains for 60 years. The attention to detail, stringent testing and checking processes ensure that every chain meets the highest standard.

cromox chains are offered in G6 (AISI 316) and G6 Plus (AISI 318) specifications. G6 and G6 Plus both come as standard with a bright polished finish. Additionally, G6 Plus comes with a 2-year corrosion free warranty as standard. This can be increased to 3 years with an extra electropolish process. The electropolish process smooths out micro imperfections and removes ferritic ions to prevent corrosion and staining.

To view the full range of chains please visit the cromox calibrated anchor chain page on our website.

ctainless steel chain


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