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Anchor Chain and Warp - Size Guide

Anchor Chain and Warp - Size Guide

Rough Guide Only - Use this guide as a benchmark to determine the best solution for your yacht.

Essential Additional Factors:

Calibrated Chain Grade
Displacement : Length ratio
Your cruising intentions
The anticipated anchorage conditions e.g. depth, seabed holding characteristics, the length of fetch and degree of exposure to prevailing winds
The length of chain that will be deployed and any extra scope provided by an anchor warp
The weight and design of anchor

Jimmy Green Anchor Chain and Warp Size Guide

This benchmark is based on top quality Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain and top quality LIROS 3 strand or Anchorplait Nylon.

Nylon has more elasticity than Polyester but is less durable.
Nylon is stronger when new but is overhauled by Polyester over a reasonable working life.

An Anchor Rode is only as strong as the weakest link. It is absolutely essential to ensure that any shackles and connectors in the system are top quality, rated to the requisite comparable break load. The different parts of any rope / chain combination should be compatible in strength as well as suitably sized to splice together. 

Permanent Mooring Strops

Three or four columns to the right of your boat length in the guide above is a good benchmark for the size of your mooring strop. N.B. it is always a good idea to take advice on local conditions and to check your proposed size and configuration against other boats moored in your area.

3 Strand or Anchorplait Nylon is the best rope for trots/piles where you are moored fore and aft.

N.B. use only Anchorplait Nylon for swinging moorings. 3 strand lines may ‘cockle’ when continually twisted against the lay of the rope. The construction of Anchorplait prevents any ‘cockling’ 


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