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You are here: Information Centre > Yacht Ropes and Rigging Technical Articles > Compact Dyform Vs Standard 1x19 Wire Rigging

Compact Dyform Vs Standard 1x19 Wire Rigging

Wire SizeTypeMin Breaking LoadStretch mm/mm 1000kgWeight Kg 100m
2.5mmStandard 1x19500kg0.0185353.05kg
 Compact Dyform 7x1690kg0.0145233.4kg
3mmStandard 1x19720kg0.0128724.49kg
 Compact Dyform 7x11000kg0.0100854.9kg
4mmStandard 1x191280kg0.0073787.81kg
 Compact Dyform 7x11780kg0.0056738.80kg
5mmStandard 1x192000kg0.00462712.2kg
 Compact Dyform 1x192440kg0.00372813.5kg
6mmStandard 1x192880kg0.00322417.6kg
 Compact Dyform 1x193550kg0.00258919.4kg
7mmStandard 1x193550kg0.0227423.9kg
 Compact Dyform 1x194910kg0.00190226kg
8mmStandard 1x194640kg0.00183331.2kg
 Compact Dyform 1x196150kg0.00145634.5kg
10mmStandard 1x197250kg0.00115748.8kg
 Compact Dyform 1x199770kg0.00093254kg
12mmStandard 1x1910400kg0.00080670.3kg
 Compact Dyform 1x1914400kg0.00064780.7kg

Please note that compact Dyform is only available in 7x1 up to 4mm. 5mm and upwards is 1x19.

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