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Wire Rigging Guide

Thinking of replacing all or part of your standing rigging? Jimmy Green Marine offer a rigging service which is available online, in store, on the telephone, by email or even by good old fashioned Royal Mail.  We can effect a rapid delivery of replacement stays. Here are some tips for making sure you get it right.

Preserve your settings. If you’ve kept a keen eye on your settings and have arrived at the best set-up, you will want to be able to accurately replicate the settings. Mark the existing bottle screws by applying tape to the thread at both ends of the rigging screw before lowering the mast. This will allow us to recreate your settings in our measurement channel. You can bring us or send us your wire or you can measure them yourselves when the mast is down.

Jimmy Green measure from the bearing edge to the bearing edge (BE to BE) of all fittings. Clevis pin diameters therefore need to be specified separately. If you are ordering a new stay complete with rigging screw, the new stay will be supplied with the original BE to BE measurement with the bottle screw 2 thirds open. When ordering a wire with one end swaged and the other end blank, we will measure from the BE of the swaged fitting to the end of the wire. When ordering a wire with a stud and swaged fitting, we will measure from the BE of the swaged fitting to the end of the stud.

Unless stated, we will send your existing rigging back to you with your new wires. If you are at all unsure of the final specification then please feel free to email photos of your existing fittings so that we can check them for you. We are always happy to load the job into the calculator for you to get a quick quote.

You may be lucky enough to have a rigger nearby or know of a mobile service that can help. However, Even if you have these options, it may be worth using the quick rigging calculator to compare prices. Jimmy Green Marine have a convenient website tool that can give you a quick idea of the costs involved. Simply choose your wire type, diameter, length and end fittings to receive the instant quote.


Turning the quote into an order is easily realised with a click of the button. We aim to stock all parts and hope to turn orders around within 5 days even in the busy part of the season.

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