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Folding Kedge Anchors

A good anchor system is your best insurance policy. The system will only be as good as the weakest link, therefore every element needs close scrutiny from the shackles to the Anchor itself. There is no anchor on the market that will be 100% effective on sea beds of all types so it is usually recomended that you carry a Kedge (secondary) anchor and warp in addition to your Bower (primary) anchor and warp. Typically the 2 anchors will be geometrically different so as to provide a different option should one be proving ineffective on any given seabed.
Additionally, some skippers choose to carry a third option as a 'lunch hook' for temporary and/or sheltered anchoring. This is commonly a lighter weight option which is easier to handle and can be stowed away easily such as Folding Kedge Anchors. Having more options is the best way of minimising the risk of dragging when you need to hold most. However, the anchor is only one of several elements that require consideration. The length, weight and construction of your warp as well as the selection of connectors and shackles are all vital links in the system. Please follow these links for more information on: Nylon Anchor Warps, - Nylon spliced to Chain Warps, - Anchor Chain, - Shackles and Connectors.

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