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Calibrated Anchor Chain

Jimmy Green Marine offer a choice of 3 different manufacturers for Hot Dipped Galvanised Calibrated Anchor Chain:

Maggi Catena AQUA4 Grade 40 and AQUA7 Grade 70 Calibrated Anchor Chain

AQUA4 and AQUA7 is sourced exclusively from the Maggi Group.
Maggi Catena manufacture, hot dip galvanise, proof test and stamp their Aqua 4 chain, all in house, at the Maggi Catena factory in Italy
Every link is proof tested as part of the production process
AQUA4 and AQUA7 is also available to order in US Imperial Calibrations

Lofrans Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
Sourced exclusively from Lofrans, renowned worldwide for their range of top quality windlasses
Lofrans manufacturing is based in Monza, Italy
Lofrans have been producing top quality windlasses for over 50 years and now they have the chain to match
Lofrans Grade 40 chain is clearly stamped LFR at regular intervals as testimony to their belief in the quality of their chain

Titan Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain
Titan™ Marine is a brand of Canada Metal (Pacific) specialising in World Class Marine Anchor Chain
Titan Grade 40 Calibrated, hot dipped galvanised Anchor Chain is engineered and proof-tested in Canada to specifications exceeding industry standards.
Titan specification and break loads are testimony to the quality of the steel and the manufacturing process.
All Titan Grade 40 Chain is clearly embossed at regular intervals with G43, CMP and DIN766 or ISO as appropriate as a clear testament to their confidence in the chain and galvanising quality

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