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Mooring Warps

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Liros 3-strand polyesterLiros 3-strand polyester is made to DIN83331 standard. The most popular choice for permanent pontoon mooring. High strength and abrasion resistance combined with 15% stretch.
Liros docklineLiros braided Docklines feature a braided polyester core and 20-plait braided cover for super flexibility and soft handling. 15% stretch and high strength make these excellent for mooring alongside.
Liros Moorex 12Liros Moorex 12 features a relatively loose hollowbraid 12 plait construction. High tenacity polyester delivers excellent strength and 20% stretch at the breaking point. Easy to splice and ideal for guest lines.
Liros AnchorplaitAnchorplait nylon also makes for good mooring warps with increased strength over polyester and 20% stretch. Nylon does not have the same UV resistance as Polyester and is liable to stiffen slightly over time.
Liros 3-strand NylonLiros 3-strand Nylon features the same strength and stretch properties as Anchorplait nylon. However, the line is more susceptible to loosing some of its flexibility during a long working life.
Liros 3-strand polypropyleneLiros 3-strand polypropylene offers a flexible, floating alternative with a finish very similar to 3 strand nylon and polyester. However, polypropylene is susceptible to UV degradtion and is not as strong per given diameter.

Overall we recommend LIROS 3strand polyester, braided dockline and Moorex12 for Mooring Warps. They offer the best UV resistance, strength and stretch combination. Follow the links on this page or on the menu to the left to find your warp of choice. You can then use our custom building tool to design the length and finish you require.
If you're considering using these lines for permanent swinging or trot moorings then please step 3 sizes up when viewing our size guide below.
N.B. it is always a good idea to take advice on local conditions and to check your proposed size and configuration against other moorings in the area.
3Strand or Anchorplait nylon is the best rope on trots or piles where you are moored fore and aft.
N.B. Use only Anchorplait for swinging moorings because 3strand lines may 'cockle' when the 'swing' turns against the lay of the rope.
The construction of Anchorplait prevents any chance of 'cockling'

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