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Anchorplait / Chain / Anchorplait

LIROS Anchorplait Nylon spliced directly onto either end of a short length of calibrated anchor chain is ideal when passing your bridle through a metal ring. Our custom system allows you to specify the length and finish of your warp. Please step 3 sizes to the right when calculating a suitable size in the Anchor Chain & Warp - Size Guide.
Anchorplait White Nylon spliced directly to Grade 40 calibrated anchor chain is our most popular anchor warp.
The Anchorplait is spliced directly into 11 links of the chain meaning that the chafe points are spread out and greatly reduced.
The low profile and tapered end allows it to pass through rings and over bow rollers easily.
Anchorplait White Nylon is manufactured EXCLUSIVELY by LIROS Ropes with Easy Splice Markers forJimmy Green Marine.
The 8 strand construction [2 pairs left hand, 2 pairs right hand] gives a balanced performance and no twist under tension.
Anchorplait is the rope that won't cockle. In fact, it flakes like chain. Ideal for use as Anchor warp.
We use Maggi Catena AQUA4 Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain (please click here)
Maggi Catena manufacture, hot dip galvanise and proof test their Aqua 4 chain, all in house, at the Maggi Catena factory in Italy.

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